Exercise – Positioning a point

Exercise – Positioning a point

This exercise is straightforward : experimenting with the different positions in which you can place a single point in the frame.

Notes :

Experimenting with the different positions in which you can place a single point in the frame.

3 types of position 

  • In the middle (rarely works as a static nature is produced, although not a rule, could be justified on the grounds of being unconventional 
  • A little off centre
  • Close to an edge


3 photographs in which there is a single point placed in the above examples of position (justify my reasons)

– Consider the graphic relationship that the points have with the frame.


Central point of interest – The images for this exercise were taken whilst I was on holiday. I positioned the subject so that it was in the centre of my frame for the purpose of the exercise. I think that, in a way it works because it stands out so much again the blue sky but the composition could be better. I chose these sets of images as i think they are perfect examples of a ‘point’. I like these shots because the viewers eyes are fixated on the subject alone, which i think makes you look at an image for longer.


Close to one edge – I have positioned the subject close to the edge of the frame, not only for the purpose of the exercise but also as i think it works so much better than the above image. I personally think that in most photographs, if there is a subject which the photographer wants the viewer to be drawn to, the shot works better when the subject is to the right of the centre (either towards the top, or bottom of the frame) I think this because when i look at a photograph, i tend to scan the image from left to right. If the subject is to the left it has been seen (by the viewer) and the eye is then drawn away from the focus of the image as you naturally scan the rest of the image. However if the subject is to the right, the viewer will scan the left side and then focus on the subject for longer. This is the reason for me positioning the subject where it is.


Off centre – For my final shot, i thought about different ways in which i could make the image look interesting but also baring the exercise in mind. I wanted the final photo to be different than the other two but to still have the same subject (as the ‘point’) This is where i had the idea to make the centre of the parachute the focus of the image. At first i had the photo in colour but as the colours were so bright it didn’t work. I then changed it to black and white and found that it worked much better. I love this shot because even though the image is quite busy, i think the ‘point’ is still there and a little off centre, so in keeping with the exercise.    


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