Exercise – Multiple points

Exercise – Multiple points

With several points the relationships are not so predictable. A group of objects implies a network of lines, and can also create a shape – again by implication. In still-life photography, one of the basic skills is to be able to group objects together in such a way that they are linked attractively, in a relationship that is active rather than obvious and static. This is essentially a problem of placing several points.

Notes :

Set up my own still life. Use a background that is unfussy but not entirely plain. Use 6-10 similar sized subjects, each compact in shape. Fix the camera in one fixed position (using tripod).

The idea is to control the composition by rearrangement, not by changing the framing.

Ideas for exercise :

  • buttons/beads → sewing box
  • beach objects → beach setting
  • candles → dark fire place
  • flowers/petals → field/grass
  • cutlery → dining table
  • chocolates → chocolate box
  • money/coins → purse
  • cosmetics → dressing table
  • pegs → washing line

My final choice was – beach objects in a beach setting. I wanted my photos to look natural and effective but at the same time in keeping with the purpose of the exercise. The project criteria advised to start with just one object and add one at a time. I collected nine objects from the beach and placed them in different parts of the frame. I think all work individually as photos and also collectively in the final image.










The aim of the last image is to observe what basic shapes are formed by any lines which could be potentially drawn and connected. When i studied the image it was not obvious to me at first. I then made notes on what objects my eyes were drawn to and tried to make a connection.

My method for truly seeing which objects stood out was firstly looking away from the photo, then glancing quickly and taking note of the specific subject .

The three subjects which stood out most for me were;

  • The white shell
  • The blue paint brush head
  • The larger red toned rock

If i drew a mental line connecting these three subjects, a triangle would be created. Also the white shell, black seaweed and smaller grey rock create a triangle shape.

The subject which i think is least effective in the image would be the brown wire meshing. If i were to do the exercise again i would replace this with another larger shell and place it where another triangle could possibly be created.


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