Exercise – Diagonals

Project – Lines

Exercise – Diagonals

Diagonal lines are rather easier to create in a photograph, as they depend mainly on viewpoint. Whereas many scenes contain real horizontals, and verticals – streets and buildings, for instance – there are few real diagonals; staircases are one of only a few instances. The camera angle and perspective, however, make diagonals common in photographs.

I have tried to capture (as the exercise wording above states) ‘real’ diagonals. (Diagonal lines not captured by the angle of the camera) The brown fencing photograph below is the only image where i have tried to emphasise it more, but nether the less, still a ‘real’ example of diagonal lines. I looked for shots that would be different ‘real’ examples but, as my coursework wording explains, there are few. See my images below. 

IMG_1669 IMG_1651 IMG_1666 IMG_1660


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