Exercise – Curves

Project Lines

Exercise – Curves

Curves, like diagonals, have a sense of movement and direction, and in some ways can be considered a kind of diagonal line. Because they pull the eye in, they are useful in planned composition. Curves have associations of smoothness, grace and elegance, and so add these feelings to an image.

For this exercise, I was to look for and take four photographs using curves to emphasise movement and direction, which i feel I have captured in my images below. However, some more than others.

IMG_1659 IMG_1646 IMG_1649 IMG_1662

My preferred photograph from the above images is the cliff. I firstly like the colour contrast between the pale blue sea and sky, and the luscious green and red cliff side. I also like the fact that the poker straight horizon contrasts with the curvature of the rock which i feel emphasises the focus of the image.

I did find that diagonals, (in the previous exercise) where easier to spot and photograph, in comparison to capturing curves.


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