Exercise – Control the strength of a colour

This exercise is teaching me about varying the exposure. I am able to go ahead with this exercise as my camera is able to override the automatic exposure and this is what i am to demonstrate in the following task.

The exercise wording advised me to find a strong, definite colour and to find a viewpoint so that the colour fills the frame. (I have chosen to photograph a red front door) It instructs me to take a sequence of photographs with the exposure the same and the stops doubling each time.

I have taken the sequence with the exposure setting at 1/30. I found this to be the most effective. I tried both 1/100 and 1/125, however, both of these proved to be under exposed and i didn’t think they demonstrated the exercise well.

My stop sequence is as follows; 1/30 – f4.0, f4.5, f5.6, f6.3 + f8.0.

See my images below.





f 5.6


f 6.3


f 8.0


As you can see from the above photographs they all vary in exposure. However, the richness of the red tone remains. The brightness however, varies from bright red at the lowest f stop to darker/deeper red at the highest f stop. As i have been studying, the difference here is the brightness and not the saturation. These two can be difficult to distinguish which i feel that i have understood and demonstrated well in the above images.


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