Exercise – Colour relationships

This exercise teaches us about colours that are opposite each other on the colour circle which appear to balance one another.

The exercise is in two parts. The first part is to produce one photograph for each combination of primary and secondary colours, adjusting the distance, focal length or framing when I shoot so that I compose the picture to the proportions below.

  • Red : Green             1 : 1
  • Orange : Blue         1 : 2
  • Yellow : Violet        1 : 3





The second part is to produce three or four images which feature colour combinations that appeal to me.

The first image i have chosen is a photo i took earlier this year in late summer. I like the natural colours of the seaside and the warm feel the photo has as the sun is setting. I especially like the blue water against the small section of green seaweed to the far right of the image.


The second image I have chosen is purely because i like the combination of red and purple. I think this image is quite striking and i like the detail in the flowers.


My final image was again, taken late this summer. I like the bright combination of the coloured houses against the plain blue sky and shadowed dock area, I think it almost illuminates them.



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