Exercise – Object in different postions in the frame

Project Looking through the viewfinder

Exercise : Object in different positions in the frame

For this exercise I needed a subject that was very clear and set with a large, even background. I have taken a series of photographs in which I placed the subject in different positions in the frame.

The first shot I had taken naturally and quickly, without thinking to much about the composition, as instructed.


Then, I took a series of shots with the subject in different positions in the frame. With the subject firstly dead centre, then off centre and finally in the edge of the frame.




The shot that i feel works most comfortably is actually the very first, which i took without much thought for the composition. As, the photographs are very simple, in terms that there are only two objects and two colours to look at, I like the first shot the most as more detail can be seen (the different strands of grass with water droplets as it rained that day for example) I do also like the last shot with the subject close to the edge of the frame. When i look at a photograph i think that i tend to scam from left to write as if i were reading, and the fact that i do this, holds my attention for longer on this particular shot. The photograph which i’m least drawn to is the subject off centre. I feel its random, and even though this shot was thought about more when taken than the very first shot, i still prefer the first. My project papers advise that just because a particular way of arranging things works better in one photograph, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work in all others which i completely agree with and will defiantly think about in future projects.     


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