Exercise – Fitting the frame to the subject

Project : Looking through the viewfinder

Exercise – Fitting the frame to the subject

For my first exercise I needed something clear in appearance, compact in shape and something which was also accessible. As it was a very cloudy day, I wanted my subject to be bright in colour and with also having to be accessible, this was the reason behind the letterbox. The idea behind the exercise was to experiment with how much space the subject took up in the frame of the viewfinder.

Image 1 – was to be taken without much thought in considering the composition. (Conventional viewpoint)

Image 1

Image 2 – was to be taken with more thought and for the subject to fit in the frame as tightly as possible.


Image 3 – was to take a only a section of the subject so that none of the edges could be seen.


Image 4 – was for the subject to occupy only a small section of the frame (quarter or less)



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