Exercise – Vertical and horizontal frames

Project Frame shapes and sizes 

Exercise Vertical and horizontal frames

For this exercise, I needed to find a fairly compact location. I chose to shoot Exeter Cathedral, It happened to be a sunny day which i thought would light up the Cathedral beautifully and this being my reason for choosing it. I also thought that my choice of subject would be excellent for vertical shots, which was the idea behind the first part of the exercise. As the first part of this exercise was to shoot only vertically, i found myself looking for taller subjects to photograph to suit the frame better. See my images below.

IMG_1202 IMG_1297 IMG_1227 IMG_1248IMG_1266 IMG_1262 IMG_1270 IMG_1298 IMG_1279 IMG_1346 IMG_1321 IMG_1285

I tried out both monochrome and colour shots. I actually prefer the black and white in this case. I think it makes the photograph seem almost haunted in a way and definitely draws me in. On the other hand, i love the colour shots and as i said earlier, it was such a beautiful sunny day that the building was illuminant with the suns rays bouncing off the coloured glass.

Below are my favourite shots of the day. I got talking to the vicar who told me that the school linked to the Cathedral were coming to sing hymns for their first week back to school from the Easter break. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to capture, what i think are my best photographs so far. A young boy of about 10 walked slowly through the arch way and down the aisle holding the cross, followed by four other children holding lit candles and the vicar.   

IMG_1312 IMG_1304 IMG_1305 IMG_1307


For the second part of the exercise, i was to take the same images as before but horizontally. I found it quite challenging to make these shots look equally as good, as before, all the subjects which i chose were in general tall objects to suit and fit the frame.

IMG_1224 IMG_1296   IMG_1226 IMG_1249IMG_1241 IMG_1267 IMG_1263 IMG_1271 IMG_1299 IMG_1323IMG_1334 IMG_1310


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