Exercise – Focal length and different viewpoints

Project Focal length

Exercise – Focal lengths and different view points 

For this exercise I was to use the same place using different lenses, to give different views. I used two different lenses, my telephoto lens has a focal length of 24mm and my wide angle lens has a focal length of 105mm. For the subject, I wanted something that would fit the frame and that was interesting to look at and this was the reason behind the lobster pots. The exercise instructed me to take two photos and for the subject to have depth. The first photo was to be taken with the telephoto lens and to make a tightly framed composition carefully remembering the limits at the edges of the frame. Then, I walked forward in a straight line until the same subject fit the frame. To be honest, when I read this exercise I thought that there would be little difference in the two photographs. Once I studied the two photos, they looked completely different. 

See below, this shot was taken with a 105mm lens  


and this shot was taken with a 24mm lens.


Even though they are exactly the same subject, they look very different. The 105mm lens makes the subject look a lot wider and shorter than the below shot which looks the opposite. This exercise has definitely taught me about focal lengths and how different they can make a subject appear.


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