Exercise – Positioning the frame

Project Dividing the frame

Exercise Positioning the horizon

For this exercise i needed to find a landscape with an unbroken, clear horizon. I viewed the scene through the view finder and considered the different positions in which i could arrange the horizon in the frame. The aim was for me to take 6 shots with the horizon from the bottom to the top of the frame. The exercise asks me to decide out of the shots taken which i feel works and which doesn’t.

The two shots below i like, as i feel they have more depth than the others. I feel that by placing the horizon towards the top of the frame, in these situations, works.  



This photo i also feel works, with the horizon placed in the centre the shot feels balanced.


The shot below is my favourite. It feels like the most natural and, to me, also feels balanced. 


Out of the 6 different shots, the two which i don’t think particularly work are the two below. I don’t think that they are very interesting to look at and i find myself (especially with the last shot), looking at the bottom of the frame, almost trying to look for the rest of the scene which has been cut off. The horizon also doesn’t feel very important in the shot.




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