Exercise – Balance

Project Dividing the frame

Exercise Balance

For this exercise, I was to take 6 of my own already taken photos and decide how the balance works in each one. I was looking for what seemed to be the most dominant part of the image, wether that be a mass of colour, tone or arrangements of points or maybe lines.

The photo below was taken just outside of Heathrow Airport’s entrance doors, this January. I saw the sun rising and it looked beautiful against the cloudy sky and the poles creating silhouettes. The dominant part of this shot, i would say are the colours. The clouds take up 50% of the frame, which, i think, should make it the most dominant part however my eye is naturally drawn to the sun, making it the most dominant part in the frame.


I took this photo recently down the beach where i live. I lent up against the fence which had the warm tones of the sun bouncing off of the end of it which, i would say is the main point of interest in the shot along with the sun setting in the back ground of course. The fence takes up 50% of the frame like the photo of the sun rising above.


I actually took the photo below in Africa about 18 months ago on safari. The muddy river is the obvious dominant part of the shot. I loved the browny red colour of the water against the green trees and the cloudy white sky. I think this shot has a lot of depth and when i look at it, i get drawn in, to the point of interest. (Where the river meets)


This shot was also taken in Africa on safari. The two antelopes are suppose to be the main point of interest, but when looking at the photo the red ground and green grass seems to be the dominant part in the frame.


This was taken at a pebble beach a little drive away from where i live. The main point of interest is the man holding the bag which appears as a silhouette. Even though the suns reflection on the sea is taking up about 70% of the frame, i still think that the silhouette dominates the frame.


I actually took this photo of stonehenge as a passenger in a moving car, going along the dual carriageway. I just took the shot, hoping that it would come out and luckily it did. There was obviously no thought for the composition under the circumstances. The grass takes up 50% of the shot and even though the subject is quite a distance away my eye is till drawn to it, making it the dominant part of the frame.



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