Exercise – Cropping

Project Cropping and extending

Exercise Cropping

For the last exercise to the first section of my course, i was to use 3 images which i have taken for this first section and crop the image and explain the reasoning behind it.


Right, you can see the original shot taken. I cropped the image as i felt that there was a lot of unwanted space and i wanted the silhouette to be the absolute focus in the image. When looking at the image i felt that it would be better as a vertical shot rather than the original horizontal. I have also ‘enhanced’ the image through iPhoto as i felt it gave a much warmer feel to the image, which is what it was on that day. See the cropped/enhanced image below.


Below (left) you can see the original image taken of the letter box from a previous excercise. The exercise asked me to fill the frame with the subject, as tightly as possible but not cut off any edges. So i filled as much of the frame as possible and cropped in the sides slightly to fill the frame as instructed. I also ‘enhanced’ the image in iPhoto to make the colour red more vibrant. See below (right) for the cropped/enhance image.


IMG_1095                           The next shot, i have cropped ever so slightly, (as before, with the letter box) i wanted the subject to fit the frame tightly. I have also ‘enhanced’ in iPhoto. The shot to the left is the original and the shot to the right is the cropped/enhanced image.

IMG_1280 2                  IMG_1279



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