Exercise – Variety with a low sun

This exercise is to demonstrate some of the advantages of shooting when the sun is low.

For this exercise I am to take four images each with different lighting effects.

  • Frontal lighting – with the sun behind the camera, striking the subject fully and avoiding shadows. The image should be intense.
  • Side lighting – Half the subject is to be in shadow
  • Back lighting – Shooting towards the light, this image will be bright
  • Edge lighting – Shooting towards the sun, in which the sun is outside the frame with the edge of the subject is lit. This is a rare type of lighting.

See below my images for this exercise. I am especially pleased with my ‘edge lighting’ image, as I feel it meets the brief well. I feel that the subject itself also worked well in this exercise.

IMG_3598 Frontal lighting

IMG_3606 Side lighting

IMG_3609 Back lighting

IMG_3611 Edge lighting





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