Exercise – Cloudy weather and rain

For the first part of this exercise I will photograph the same view in sunlight and under cloud keeping the white balance set to sunlight/daylight.

I will compare the images noting their f-stop settings and colour difference.

IMG_3784 f18 1/60 IMG_3786 f11 1/60

IMG_3774 f8 1/60 IMG_3778 f5 1/60

IMG_3775 f22 1/60 IMG_3782 f11 1/60

Comparing the above images, the pictures taken under cloud have more detail although look ‘flatter’ than the sunlight images. The sunlight photos appear to be more alive. The shady and sunny parts make them more interesting however I can see the advantages of a cloudy day.



For the second part of the exercise I will take three photographs outdoors, on an overcast day. These images will make good use of the enveloping, shadowless light. I will look for some detail that has pronounced relief such as gnarled roots on an old tree and objects with a strong colour.

IMG_3724  IMG_3737 IMG_3731


From my above pictures I can learn that there are advantages to cloudy weather. The subject is more evenly lit, shadows are softer and shadow edges less distinct. This will be great for subjects with detail. If it happened to be a sunny day, the detail in the images I took wouldn’t be as defined.



For the third part of the exercise I will need rain, capturing some of the interesting visual effects it creates. Such as : reflections, ringlets as rain strikes water, patterns of raindrops on glass and rainbows being a special bonus.



Glistening pavements




Rain droplets on spiders webs






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