Exercise – Tungsten and fluorescent lighting

For the first part of the exercise I am to find a room lit fairly by tungsten light. I waited until just after sunset when the light in the room and the light outside were about equal. We were asked to take three photographs, as follows : with the white balance set to auto, daylight and finally tungsten and asked to compare the results, see my images below.

IMG_3805 Auto WB

IMG_3806 Daylight WB

IMG_3807 Tungsten WB

The auto and daylight settings are very similar. The tungsten white balance setting has made the image look too blue and is my least favourite of the three. I prefer the auto setting photograph. The lamp looks that bit more warmer than that of the daylight setting and has a more inviting feel.


For the second part of the exercise I was to find an interior lit by fluorescent light. I wasn’t able to find an interior lit by the small CFL lamps but I was able to photograph my work place which is fluorescent lighting. I was to take two or three photographs, identically composed, in each location. With the first image,  set to auto white balance, the second to fluorescent and a third on alternative fluorescent and compare the results.

IMG_3813 Auto WB

IMG_3814 Fluorescent WB

The third white balance setting (alternative fluorescent) I didn’t have on my camera. However I did have custom, so I thought that I would use it to compare anyway.

IMG_3815 Custom WB

Of all of these, I prefer the auto white balance image. It has the most natural feeling and the light from the far window gives a slight warmness. The custom is far too orange and makes the image look unrealistic, not pleasing to the eye in anyway. The fluorescent has a very cold feel and is far too blue.



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