Exercise – The lighting angle

The aim of this exercise is to understand how the lighting angle can affect the appearance of the subject. (How it affects the form, colour, shape and texture) The exercise wording explains that I must work out a manageable system for diffusing a single light which I can experiment with from different directions. Unfortunately, this means that I am unable to carry this exercise out as I currently do not own a flash or diffuser. I was able to complete the last exercise by improvising, I cannot do the same with this task.

To make sure that I’m not missing out, I have researched shadow and light, lighting from different directions and the effects it will have.

See the links to the websites I used below.


I found the above website to be very informative. I like that its written by a photographer and he writes it informally.

Photography by Paul Cunningham

I enjoyed taking a look at this photographers work. He has some stunning images and all in monochrome, my favourite.

Seduced by Light Blog

This blog was also very helpful to look at.

Once I buy a flash for my Canon I will definitely be expermenting with using light and shade in different ways. This will give me a chance to be more creative with my future work. I love monochrome photographs and I’d like to focus on this once I have completed this course.


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