Exercise – Softening the light

This exercise is to teach about softening the light and using different equipment and techniques to do so. I firstly researched diffusers online; how they work, the effects they create and how to make one.


I found the above website very useful. There were more links on the website about flash photography too. I also use You Tube to watch different videos and to get different peoples opinion on what works best.

I have used a different camera than normal for this exercise. My Canon (which I have used for all past exercises) doesn’t have a flash so I have used my Fujifilm x20’s pop up flash.

I thought, rather than buy a diffuser, I can be creative and make my own.

I found some cream coloured tissue paper which I simply draped over the flash. Once I buy a flash for my Canon, I’ll have a go at making one. See my images below.

DSCF0894 Direct flash

DSCF0895 Flash behind home made diffuser

As you can see from the images above the diffuser clearly makes a difference. The shadow in the first image is a lot more defined, I think it takes away focus from the subject itself. The second image looks better to me, it has a more realistic feel although in other situations this effect may not be the desired look.

I enjoyed doing this exercise. I would call myself a creative person and by learning how to make new equipment (and learning new techniques) my photography skills will broaden.



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