Exercise – Outdoors at night

For this exercise I was asked to photograph a city centre at night with plenty of brightly lit buildings and streets, and being the time of year, fit perfectly.

I needed to capture the following :

  •  a floodlit building (looking for a viewpoint from where the lights themselves are hidden)
  • a brightly-lit store front
  • a large interior with many people, such as a shopping centre
  • a raised view looking along a busy road capturing head and tail lights of traffic streaks

I tried to use the time at and just after dusk as it usually looks much better if the sky is not completely black. I have learned that dusk is often the best time when there is just a hint of light in the sky and the buildings appear more clearly. See my images below.


floodlit buildings

IMG_3898 IMG_3884 IMG_3860

brightly-lit store fronts

IMG_3891 IMG_3919 IMG_3875 IMG_3916

large interior with many people (shopping centre)

IMG_3892 IMG_3897IMG_3895


a raised view looking along a busy road capturing head and tail lights of traffic streaks

IMG_3941 IMG_3932IMG_3940

I really liked this exercise. I’ve never been out taking photographs at night before and I’m pleased with what I’ve produced. I have learned that the change in white balance at night is dramatically different compared with white balance during the day. It seems to effect the hue of the image a lot more.

I have experimented with different apertures, exposures and white balance. As I’m getting more confident using my camera I’m wanting to experiment more. I enjoyed taking the last set of images especially as I felt like I was creating a picture rather than just capturing one. I will definitely be going out at night more often now.

Looking through the images I noticed that the natural light appears blue in contrast with the artificial light appearing very orange. In a previous exercise I remember these colours are opposite each other on a primary and secondary colour wheel, meaning the use of these in a photograph will appear complimentary.

Overall I am pleased with what I have created here and thoroughly enjoyed this exercise.


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