What went well?

The images which both work well as examples of the effects which i had to demonstrate and that were also the easiest to spot and shoot were;

  • Single point dominating the composition

For this image, i knew that i wanted it to be a bird in flight. I wanted to demonstrate that i could capture a moving subject but at the same time, for that subject to be totally in focus. I like this image, its simple, effective and very elegant.

  • Curves,
  • Diagonal

I thought about using the chosen image for the effect ‘diagonal’, originally, for the effect ‘two points’ (as the two birds could have demonstrated this in the image) Whilst at home, going through the photographs i had taken, i then realised that the rock the birds were perched on was the most dominating subject in the image. The diagonal lines the rock was made up of, then instantly made me re-think my original thought.

  • Several points in a deliberate shape

The photograph for the above point is my favourite in this assignment. The scene captured my eye in the first instance as i thought that it looked unusual and wasn’t originally going to use it in this assignment. I then walked up the pier and looked down on it again and saw that it demonstrated ‘several points in a deliberate shape’ perfectly. I had to angle the camera and stand in the right position for it to create the rectangular shape that it does. Overall, very pleased with this image.

  • Combination of horizontal and vertical lines

The combination of vertical lines from the boat sail poles and the horizontal lines from both the shore line in the distance and in the foreground work well.

  • Distinct, even if irregular shapes

This was one of the first photographs i spotted. As the village was on a hill, driving towards the cliff sides, i spotted the image. I ended up taking the shot whilst stood on the beach as the shapes where more distinct in shape than the angle which i had from standing on the hill side on my way down towards the beach.

What didn’t go so well…

  • Rhythm

This effect was the hardest to find out from all the image taken. Even though i like the photograph, I think that the beach shore/cliffs in the background distract the eye slightly from the focus of the image.

  • Pattern

I think that my image chosen for the effect ‘pattern’ demonstrates it well. I did have to crop the image in order to create the effect, however, and it did take me quite some time to find a section of any image which would be suitable for this.

  • Two Points

Looking at the photograph on the page of my blog itself, it is not so obvious as to which the ‘two points’ are as they are quite small in size. When the image is enlarged (by clicking on it) however, the focus of the image is much clearer. It helped a lot that the subjects happen to be wearing brightly coloured coats.

  • Implied triangle

Even though there are lots of ‘triangles’ in every day to day life and during the mini exercise for ‘implied triangles’ these seemed to be easy to find and capture. Doing this within the theme which i had chosen,  turned out to be a lot harder than expected. As i explained in the planning section of this assignment – the subjects which i think will be the easiest to find and shoot, may not always turn out to be the case.


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