I firstly took notice of the effects that i would have to demonstrate. I wanted to choose a subject that would have the most variety to choose from.

Different ideas i had for the assignment.

  • Street details
  • Buildings
  • Seaside / Beach life

I wanted to feel that i would have a lot of choice within the theme that i was to choose. I wanted to have different options so that i could choose the best shots to include in my assignment. As i have learned (throughout part two), the ideas i have had which i thought would be good to shoot haven’t turned out as planned and visa versa, this being my reason for wanting a lot of choice within my images.

My preferred choice was in fact street details. I had a thought that i could maybe shoot in monochrome (as i love black and white photography.) However, as it has been such nice weather recently and i happened to be taking a trip to a small village by the seaside in west wales, i thought that the theme seaside would be an opportunity that could not be missed.



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