The basis for the assignment is one of the most fundamental principles in design : contrast.

In preparation for the project i am to look through the photographs in which i have taken previously and try to assemble four pairs that represent contrasting concepts. I am looking for visual contrasts. 

For example – point/line, straight/curved, transparent/opaque, sweet/sour, loud/soft. All of which are used as examples in the assignment critera. See my four contrasting pairs below. 



Sunrise / Sunset

IMG_1196   P1020310 Ocean, Simple, Neutral / Land, Complex, Vibrant

IMG_1271   IMG_1285 Curves / Straight

IMG_1241 IMG_1256 Lightness / Darkness


Now for the main part of the assignment i am to identify subjects that best express the extremes of different qualities. I have taken eight pairs of photographs which i think demonstrate this.

IMG_1371 IMG_1377 Straight / Curved

For my first contrast, (straight / curved) I actually took these shots in my bedroom just after reading through the assignment criteria. The ‘straight’ shot is a photo of my clothes cupboard shutter doors. The ‘curved’ shot is a photo of my two curved mirrors. I like how both images have the same blueish tone to them. I thought that for the first pair of contrasts these two images were perfect, and were found so easily. I was looking for purely visual contrasts and thought these worked really well together.

IMG_1388 IMG_1392 Pointed / Blunt

Again, as above i took these two shots in my home. I thought of many ideas for this contrast but decided to go for the most obvious images and again think they work well together.

IMG_1415 IMG_1402 Liquid / Solid

For this contrast, I had a little difficulty. The ‘solid’ image (ice) was easy to shoot. However, the ‘liquid’ image had to be water (in my opinion.) I first tried photographing a running tap. This didn’t work as well as i had imagined as i wanted the ‘liquid’ to fill the frame. I then thought about photographing a glass of water but decided against this as the ‘liquid’ would of been contained in a ‘solid’ (glass for example) and i wanted the ‘liquid’ to be the focus of the image. This was my reason behind choosing water being sprinkled from the watering can as i thought it was different and liked the way the sun made the water glisten, really making the focus of the image obvious.

IMG_1460 IMG_1428 Light / Heavy

With this contrast i kept it really simple with the classic feather and weight combination for the light / heavy contrast.

IMG_1436 IMG_1442 High / Low

I think that these images taken of my brother are a good way of showing the contrast high / low. However they can be looked at in two different ways as to which one is which. The image of him with only sky in the background can be said to be either high or low for example. As the image was taken from a low position but he appears very tall which is where the word height comes into it and visa versa with him in the image with only grass in the background. The image was taken from a height but he looks low to the ground. Nevertheless, both images demonstrate the high / low contrast.

IMG_1462 IMG_1465 Many / Few

For this contrast i had lots of different ideas but chose beans as i thought that it showed an extreme contrast as to the amount in the image when the two shots are compared. I also thought that it would be a different subject to shoot for a change.

IMG_1444 IMG_1480 Hard / Soft

I really wanted to use the hardest material in the world in comparison with the extremely soft cotton wool, I unfortunately didn’t have a diamond big enough so had to settle for bricks. 

IMG_1477 IMG_1471 Light / Dark

For my last pair of shots, I needed to use a contrast again where the images were very much different. The idea that came to mind was a portrait day light shot and a night looking shot, i thought this would be perfect for a dramatic contrast. I used a faint light underneath the subjects face to illuminate him slightly and am happy with the results.

In addition to the above pairs of photos i am to produce one photograph that demonstrates contrast in one picture. See my choice below. I had taken this photo from a previous exercise as i think that it clearly shows contrast and also love the shot.


The above shot was taken in Exeter Cathedral, i think it looks very elegant but also gothic at the same time. The contrast represents light / dark. 


The assessment criteria for this assignment was to become familiar with my own camera, eventually improving my photography. I am pleased with the work that i have produced so far and continue to learn new things on a daily basis.

In respect of the above assignment, i feel that the images i have taken are good. My writing to explain and back up my images however, i know needs improvement. I have lots of ideas but sometimes struggle to write them out effectively. In time however, i hope to improve as i progress through the course.    


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