Overall I have found this part of the course to be the most challenging so far. I would say that I’m glad its nearly over but I sometimes find the most challenging sections better for learning purposes. As I enjoy constantly learning new things about photography which are always challenging, I tend to take in and remember the topic I’m focused on. Hopefully now, I will be able to use what i have learned in future work and have a better understanding of maybe why certain photographs or even advertisment have used the certain colours they have.

I like to work with black and white (but have yet to be given an exercise on and I look forward to) this however, being another reason for me finding ‘colour’ quite challenging. But then again, working with black and white is obviously according to the specific subject or scene. I guess I’ve never really thought of colour as a subject to be looked at on its own as it has always been available to me. This section has helped me a great deal, I have researched into colour photography and when it was first introduced and looked at photographic colourist Ernst Hass.

What went well?

  • The most common colour combination I came across was red and green, especially being the time of year that it is, with the red fallen leaves against the green grass. I tried to vary the subject matter rather than just taking photographs for the sake of the colour combinations that I needed. I wanted my photographs to be interesting as well as meeting the assignment criteria.
  • I also found ‘colour harmony through similar colours’ easier to find than the other topics. I enjoyed this section the most as I like creating a feeling of warmth or cool in a photograph.
  • Finding natural scenes of the category ‘colour contrast through contrasting colours’ seemed easy to find when looked for.

What didn’t go so well?

  • The colour combination which i didn’t come across was yellow and violet. I wanted to use mostly natural scenes and this particular combination, I couldn’t  find in everyday life.  The previous exercise ‘colour combinations’ for the violet and yellow combination, I set up a scene with coloured flowers and had taken a few different photographs for this. I used a shot from this scene I had set up previously.

As I explained above, I found this project quite challenging anyway and in most photographs I took, I felt like I was only taking for the combination of the colours. I have only used the photographs that I like the feel of with the correct combinations rather than selecting photos which are perfect combinations of colours but not so great in respect of composition. I personally feel that I should use only the photographs which I am happy with and be judged and critiqued on those and can only improve from there onwards.

A brief look at Ernst Hass

Ernst Hass was a photojournalist and photographic colourist and I have looked into his life and work during this project. I have read that Hass never wanted to become a photographer, instead he wanted to travel and become an artist. He described himself as an artist on the run. He would photograph movement and capture bright and bold colours making the shot look as though it had been painted. I think this is an amazing and very interesting way to use and look at photography. I really like all of Hass’ work and he has inspired me to look at things in a different way. The work which I have produced is of still life mostly natural scenes. I have included bold and bright colours inspired by Ernst Hass.

See my favourite photograph Hass has created below. I like the colour combination of yellow and violet, ironically the combination which I had most trouble finding during this project. I like the way its blurred with movement but still obvious what the subject really is. Also the colours as I have said before are so bold. In my opinion it’s what makes the photograph and what makes it so easy to get lost in.


For a link to the research I have done on Ernst Hass ‘click here’




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