1. Look over the assessment criteria in the induction.

  • Think through what the aims are
  • Look through the exercises I have completed throughout this section

2. Think about ideas which would capture the four topics that i need to focus on

  • Colour harmony through complementary colours

Yellow + Violet / Blue + Orange / Red + Green

  • Colour harmony through similar colours

Warm photos – using red, orange, yellow etc

Cool photos – using blue, green etc

  • Colour contrast throughout contrasting colours

Blue + Red / Green + Orange / Yellow + Violet (which are also complementary)

  • Colour accent using any of the above

3. Plan which are most likely to be natural shots and which I will need to create. Also, capturing the correct colours / combinations in the shot with also making a good photograph and the locations in which they will be taken.

4. Finally, look at photographers who use colour as a subject in their work (photographic colourists) – Ernst Hass.



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