The Assignment

My intention for these images was to produce simple and elegant photographs.

I’ve captured different sides of my subject by using a variety of lighting techniques. These all keep within the specific properties required, they are as follows:

  • Shape
  • Form
  • Texture
  • Colour


The final images


IMG_4140 IMG_4141


IMG_4146 IMG_4163


IMG_4189 IMG_4195



IMG_4223 IMG_4207


My subject, the background and the techniques – Conclusion 


I have written why I chose the ornament as my subject towards the bottom of the planning page and seeing the results, I’m pleased with my choice.

When I looked at the images, I liked the way that in each shot, the image seems to have different moods according to the lighting technique, and background colour used.

For example, when looking at the shape images, I feel they have a more mature feel about them. As the subject looks like she could be a mother lovingly holding her child. Whereas the colour images have a less emotional feel, this could be down to the orange background and the happier mood this colour sets, bringing an overall happier feel to the subject. The images with dark backgrounds; form and texture, have a mysterious and isolated feel.

The form images are my favourite and I feel they meet the assessment criteria well. I have used a black back ground and a light source directly in front of the subject to draw the subject out making her look more ‘3D’ I’m pleased with the lighting effect I’ve achieved here.

I found the texture images the easiest to achieve. I used a black back ground and a fixed single light source two feet to one side of my subject at its level, so that it was aimed at right angles to the camera’s view.

For the colour images I’ve used an orange background and multiple light sources with reflectors to bring out the colour in the subject.

The shape images were fun to photograph. I used a tunnelled light source and pointed it directly at the white back ground which I placed behind my subject, this gave me the perfect reflection of light to show the outline of my subject making up the silhouette.

Overall, I’m pleased with the images I’ve created. See the reflection page for my thoughts on this assignment.


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