The fourth assignment challenges me to make use of my new found knowledge of lighting and the techniques I’ve learned. The idea is to use these lighting techniques to bring out particular physical properties of an object that I have chosen. I am to take eight different photos based on the four themes of the assignment. The four different themes and the way in which the object should be photographed are as follows:

  • Shape

The outline of an object – its edges. These are likely to stand out more clearly if they contrast with the background. Detail, minimum detail visible in the object should be seen.

  • Form

How 3D the object looks. Try to show as much depth as possible.

  • Texture

Surface detail stands out best with a pattern of small, hard shadows. Considering diffusion or lack of it and the angle of light.

  • Colour

Thinking about the lighting and exposure setting that shows the subjects colour as strongly as possible. In addition, I can photograph the subject in any other interesting or unusual lighting.


Considering the above, I have firstly drawn up a brain storm spider diagram with ideas and keywords to get me into thinking mode. I have added this to my manual learning log. I have read the assessment criteria in the introduction to refresh my memory on the aim of part four,

This part will look at the variety of outdoor light, how to make the best use of it, and how to choose appropriate lighting conditions for particular subjects. It should also start you thinking about light as something you can use deliberately to bring atmosphere and texture to your photography.


I then thought my subject. I needed something that has all the above properties; defined shape, form, surface texture and colour.

I considered many objects before coming to my final choice. I wanted something which would make interesting photographs as well as having the properties needed. I think that people make interesting photos but couldn’t use a person in this particular assignment so I thought about using an ornament.

I have chosen an elegant girl in what looks like an ivory wedding dress, she is holding a blue baby doll with a rather sad look on her face. I chose her as I could envision what the results could be. I was hoping, with the correct lighting, they would turn out to be some interesting images but finding a balance between creativity and meeting the technical requirements, would be challenging.


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